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Driveway Installation Project Oldham

Driveway Installation Oldham
Driveway Installation Oldham

1. The Problem

Weeds took over this Oldham driveway. Pools of stagnant water lay all over the driveway and path. Generally a weathered old driveway.

This driveway Installation in Oldham took didn’t take us long. The customer was annoyed with puddles of mud that lay on her driveway once it rained to be walked into her home. 

Belvoir Driveways and the customer discussed and planned what type of materials to use. The customer wanted a robust, yet easy on the wallet design. Therefor we decided to install a tarmac driveway. 

Tarmac is a very good material to use for a robus driveway. Especially one prone to puddles as it has a water repellent surface where the residual water runoff can be directed into drains.

Driveway Installation Oldham

2. What happened next in the Oldham driveway installation?

For the driveway installation process the client decided upon a design that was a simplistic tarmac driveway. Consisting of the flags running around the parameter as a border.  

Initially drawing a plan got us started with the project and clients wishes. As they informed us of area they wished to tarmac their driveway. This was due to the amount of maintenance that was needed to upkeep her old driveway (mainly stone and flags). With weeds drawing up between the flags and sides of the driveway. 

Laying of tarmac bagin, first with the ground being excavated to a ‘formation level’ (which is the surface level of the ground). Usually this is 175mm below paving level.

Then we installed the edging so as to keep the tarmac in place.  This is due to the edges of the tarmac once set. It can crack and crumble after repeated vehicle usage. Ensuring to use a good barrier for this role, we used concrete flags as they are robust and durable.

Next is installing the drainage , working out a good drainage system is a essential for tarmac driveways. Due to the tarmac’s water phobic quality it has the ability to hold puddles of water!

Once the excavation is done we then place down crushed concrete. It’s was then compacted and rolled until it reached sufficient depth. Using vibrating plate to even and flatten the ground- we then began to lay the tarmac. 

With two inches of tarmac applied as a base coat we then introduced the top coat. This was added and compacted with the use of a roller

Importantly the precision needed for this phase was our utmost priority. As it achieved the best possible result for the driveway ensuring is was level and had no dips where puddles could lay. 


Driveway Installation Oldham

3. And that's it! Tarmac Installation project done.

Once complete the customer was a proud homeowner with a driveway that adds a clean look to their property. Whilst having a durable, driveway solution that can cope with repeated usage by heavy vehicles.

Lastly we swept the driveway removing any debris and washed off the driveway.

It took a small team of three members of staff  just one day to instal this driveway.  Subsequently the customer now has no weeds, no cracked edges to their driveway and pathway and no muddy puddles of water. 

Making the Oldham client’s home look incredibly clean and tidy yet remaining modern. 

Driveway Installation Oldham

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