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Driveway Installation Project Bolton


1. The Problem

Cracked concrete, paths laden with moss, uneven paving, weather damage...the list goes on!  

Driveway installation projects are a very underrated part of a home renovation project. But by installing a professional driveway you can totally transform the exterior aesthetics your home.

Belvoir Driveways delivered this when we had a customer approach us by calling us. We called for our initial visit to assess the driveway and site. Then discussed what type of design and colour driveway the customer wished to go with during the design.

The customer asked us to produce something unique One that would catch the eye of passers by and make their home look more attractive to the eye.  

2. What happened next in the installation?

For this Bolton driveway installation project the client decided upon a design that was a classic paved drive with a dual paved border. Consisting of the two dark graphite blocks running around the parameter.  

Blocks of light grey argent granite paving blocks were used for the driveway.

These blocks were of 3 mixed sizes. Smaller 80mm, medium 160mm, and 240mm length. All same width at 160mm and same thickness of 150mm.

Initially drawing a plan got us started with the project and clients wishes. As they informed us of area they wished to pave we ensured this design was achievable by making sure there were areas for adequate drainage

Excavating the previous driveway, path and garden was the next step, and compacting the new filled base, ready to install the edge restraints. 

Our previously lay sand is then compacted using vibrating plate, and we began to lay the paving by resting the bricks in the clients chosen pattern. Making sure to measure all full paving blocks before cutting any edges.

Once all the alignments were set and checked we mark the blocks before cutting in the edges. We did this by using tools such as a diamond blade wet saw, paver splitter and hammer and chisel.  

Last thing we did was swept the driveway removing any debris and began to spread jointing sand over the paving. We left a small amount on the surface so that when using the vibration plate compactor will compact the bricks into the sand, filling the joints. 

3. And that's it! Installation project done.

We cleaned the drive and swept the excess dry sand on the surface so it can again fill the joints and sand will settle with rain and weather. 

Once the design and materials were ready, a team four members of staff  took just five days to instal this stunning driveway that captures the eye due to the colour used in the drive bringing out the white, gray notes on their home. 

Making the client’s home look incredibly welcoming and modern. 

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