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Pothole Reinstatement

Pothole Reinstatement Services 

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Pothole Reinstatement

Pothole reinstatement (pothole repairs) is a popular service we provide.  Understanding that potholes can become a great problem at any time of the day. Belvoir Groundworks will be there at any time for the North West UK with our emergency pothole repair!

Ensuring you we only use the highest quality materials to repair any potholes to leave you free of mind that it won’t be a problem for a long time. Potholes can cause great wear and tear to your car, so the quicker you get it repaired the less it will cost!

Let us leave you assured with a service that offers you free call outs, free call out estimations and a rapid repair, no matter what time or day!


The primiter of the pothole is outlined and the pothole is cleared of any loose debris.


We proceed to cut round the outlined perimeter of the pothole what we mapped out making sure everything is flush and level.


A durable bondage coat is applied inside the area of the pothole to assure the tarmac joins to the surface.


Our high quality specified tarmacadam is poured into the hole evenly and levelled out accordingly.


Then our compacthion plate compacts  tarmac down flat to the road path etc.


All edges are then sealed with bitumen coating to make it watertight and prevent erosion.

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